iOS 16—Upgrade Warning Issued To Millions Of iPhone Users

APPLE launched iOS 16 this fall. That event mllions of iPhone users need to upgrade their phones. Because iOS 16 only works on the latest iPhone 8 and above. Some features require a later Apple device to run.

This is shockingly bad news for iPhone users. It’s not just about iOS 16 features, but you’ll be missing out on some of your favorites.

If your phone cannot upgrade to iOS 16, It won’t receive security updates for your iPhone. This means that it can certainly put you at risk.

Apple has been very active with iPhone security updates of late. In the last few years they force to issue monthly.

Some security updates are already being exploited for iPhone and iPad vulnerabilities. In other words, those points used by the adversaries in real life.

In the past, this was not a problem. Apple updated iOS 14 several months after releasing iOS 15 with important security updates. Although the iPhone maker hasn’t patched every iOS 15 vulnerability in iOS 14, it has.

Common people like to keep their iPhone safe and secure. Apple has stopped iOS 14 updates. So you need to upgrade to the latest iOS 15 version to keep your iPhone secure.

Apple know for rolling out updates. While the iPhone’s vulnerability is particularly bad, Apple has been known to release updates for older operating systems. For example, iOS 12.5.5 patches the issue used for “zero-click” Pegasus attacks. However, this is a rare event. You need to be on the latest version of iOS to stay safe.

What to do to stay safe for iOS 16 iPhones?

The lifespan of an iPhone is not limited. However, not everyone can afford to upgrade their devices when iOS 16 comes out later this year. So what can you do?

Hopefully Apple will continue to update iOS 15 with important security updates like iOS 14. But we can’t pay bank it. If you update to iOS 15, This will buy you another few months.

Once iOS 16 is released, there are steps you can take to secure your iPhone.

For iPhone security in general

1. Be careful about the apps you download.

2. At the same time, you shoould make to check the apps on your iPhone regularly.

3. Delete what you don’t need.

4. Especially if you think you might be a target. You must careful your messages and email attachments.

5. Don’t click on random links

6. Be careful when using your browser.

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