Facebook users may soon be able to create multiple profiles

Facebook is testing for users to create multiple profiles from a single account. This is a user improvement function.

The activity is based on users’ interests and relationships. It’s meant to be personal, Facebook (FB) spokesman Leonard Lam told CNN Business in a statement.

Facebook prohibits users from using more than one account. The feature allows people to create up to five profiles under their accounts to engage with people on different topics.

It includes profiles designed for interacting with close friends and colleagues. You can include a profile dedicated to a hobby, such as gaming. Bloomberg first reported the test of the new feature on Thursday.

Facebook’s rivals Tiktok

The test comes as Facebook parent organization Meta (FB) encounters easing back benefit development and steep rivalry from rivals like TikTok, which it is combating for clients’ time and consideration.

In February, Meta stunned financial backers by posting an uncommon slowing down in quarterly client development, a pattern that switched somewhat in the principal quarter of this current year.

Meta is more than social media; While transitioning to a future-centric company with an enhanced virtual-reality-enabled “metaverse.” But in that view, it needs to continue to collect profits from its existing platforms to fund investments.

The company has recently been working to further integrate Facebook and Instagram — for example by displaying Instagram Reels in the Facebook feed, making it easier for users to discover content and engage with communities.

Users of the new multiple-profile feature will be able to use unique names for each profile. However, misrepresentation and public impersonation are prohibited.

Lam said it will continue to follow Facebook’s rules. Profilers must follow the platform’s rules to use the name they normally use. Some Facebook features, such as Facebook dating and the ability to create a page, will be available only on users’ main profiles.

Violating the platform’s community guidelines on a profile will result in disciplinary action against their entire account.

“All Facebook clients should keep on observing our guidelines,” Lam said.

The company is testing the new feature with users in select countries, Lam said. No word on where or when the option will be widely available.

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