HERTZ COMPANY faces lawsuit from customer

HERTZ COMPANY 47 customers accuse of their rental cars stole. The rental company sue and in some cases even sentenced to prison terms, reporting horror stories.

The plaintiffs alleged that the arrests were “arbitrary, sometimes at gunpoint and in some cases led to jail time.” Some defendants describe unemploy as a result of their arrests.

The lawsuit alleges that Hertz’s theft reporting was a system error. These include “failing to document lease renewals and lying about not billing customers.” Additionally, they failed to track their own vehicle registrations and failed to correct false reports to the police.

HERTZ COMPANY faces lawsuit from customer

HERTZ COMPANY faces lawsuit from customer

The lawsuit filed in Delaware Superior Court.The court’s ruling comes after the court ruled that these cases could continue outside of bankruptcy court. (Hertz filed for bankruptcy in May 2020, which filed in July 2021.)

Hertz said they disagrees with the ruling, which allows cases to settle outside of bankruptcy court. Hertz declared that it is committed to “doing right by our guests.”

” We review and consider each complaint against Hertz on its individual graces,” Hertz spokesperson Jonathan Stern said.” We have formerly begun expanding offers to pay dozens of heirs and will continue to do so on a case- by- case base.”

HERTZ COMPANY CEO Stephen Scherr admitted the company’s mistakes

in April. He reveal that hundreds of people affected by the company’s mistakes.

Some defendants say they are using Hertz rentals to drive for a living or to transport their families to make ends meet. One of the plaintiffs, police surrounded Bianca DeLoach, at a gas station in March 2021.

She described being surrounded by police while her children watched from inside the rental car she had rented. DeLoach spent nine nights in jail, the complaint states. The charges dismissed months later.

Another defendant, Mary Lindsay Flannery, was in a Hertz rental car in 2020 when police pulled her over and called her a car thief. Then it reported that the vehicle impounded.

Flannery tried repeatedly but was unable to get an explanation from Hertz. According to the complaint, the daughter was arrested when her father was alone while he was abroad.

Flannery had three panic attacks in prison. The complaint states that he was physically attacked by his cellmates and bitten by bedbugs. Criminal charges against Flannery dismissed. She also arrest and release after 2 weeks.

James Tolen drive a Hertz rental car in Houston in December 2020 and police order to open the door, according to the complaint. When he opened the door, at least 4 police officers pointed guns at him.

The officers ” knock him and handcuffed him in the back of the car,” the complaint states. “This is a shameful and horrific incident.”

Police later call Hertz and learn the car was not stole. Hertz reported the car stolen a few months before renting it to Tolen’s partner, according to the complaint.

Reginald Brown lost his full-time job while he spent the night in jail driving a rental car from Hertz for Lyft, the complaint states.

It dismissed nearly two years later, according to the complaint. Lyft and Uber didn’t incontinently respond to requests for comment.

Darnay Taper spend two nights in jail last year after being pulled over by eight police cars while being held at gunpoint in a Hertz rental in March 2021, according to the complaint.

Taper has a heart condition and was denied access to his medication while incarcerated, according to the complaint.

The complaint alleges that Hertz dismissed Taper months after he did not show up for the preliminary hearing.

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