Lego unveils brick made from recycled plastic

The Lego Group has committed to making all products sustainable by 2030. He said he is getting closer to the goal.

A Danish toymaker has unveiled a prototype brick made from recycled plastic. It said in a press release that the PET plastic company has made the first brick made from discarded bottles to “meet strict quality and safety requirements.

One way the organization guarantees security is by obtaining materials from providers. We use processes approved by the US Food & Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority.

The company says that one liter plastic PET bottle is enough raw material for 10 2 x 4 LEGO bricks.

As durable as our existing bricks, Reinventing new, strong and high-quality materials is the biggest challenge on the sustainability journey. It’s consistent with what LEGO elements have been doing for over 60 years,” said Tim Brooks, Vice President of Lego Group Environmental Responsibility.


Lego says it will be some time before they buy recycled materials. It will last at least a year. They decided to move the production stage. What the company is testing is how the material can be colored.

As children build at home with LEGO bricks, We’re doing the same thing in our lab,” Brooks said.

The company has invested $400 million over three years in sustainability. Initiatives include eliminating single-use plastic bags and using recycled paper for its packaging.

In that declaration, CEO Niels B. Christiansen described “the kids who asked for a lot of changes.”

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