Monkeypox ‘panic’ is overblown and failing

Nostalgic horror America? Welcome to monkeypox hysteria. The World Health Organization is holding a second emergency meeting to discuss whether it is a virus. Fatigue due to this virus It is a global emergency that can cause injury and, in some cases, death. The CDC is issuing warnings and advisories.

Epidemiologists say this outbreak could have been avoided if more money had been spent on researching the cause of domestic animals. Local health centers across the country are monitoring the number of cases and the spread of the disease.

We all feel familiar with this situation. Concerns are running high in reality, as they did over COVID. Our public health “experts” assured us after a brief stutter step that concern about the virus was extremely racist.

This time, there are a few major differences, the first of which is scale.

Since January, Monkeypox has infected 9,200 people in 63 countries, killing three. That’s a .03% fatality rate so far behind the smaller numbers. (In 2020, we saw millions of cases of COVID in the US alone.) The virus requires close contact for long periods of time and it not easily transmitted.

What are the results of our intensive efforts against monkeypox?

In addition, vaccines are available. With good health care standards, such as in America and Europe, where the disease is endemic, the virus can spread through the rash. Nothing more likely than fever and lethargy.

The virus can transmitted through skin contact. Panicked people seem to be trying their best to stave off the madness with dire warnings about public pools during the summer holidays.

But no one seemed to care with compassion. Because we are sterilized (so to speak) by our experience of overreacting to COVID.

The past two years have seen massive and unprecedented changes in the name of public health in America. Closing schools damages children’s long-term future. economic depression Lives and livelihoods are destroyed. funerals graduation ceremonies Birthdays: Forbidden; Missed and ignored.

What results do our intense efforts bring us? The virus has killed more than a million of our population and the virus has gone into remission. Now, COVID is endemic and not really dangerous. Protections for vulnerable groups such as the elderly should always be narrowly focused.

Yale public health professor Gregg Gonsalves (who asked the WHO to declare an emergency) warned against the famous COVID. He called for people to allow to manage the risk of monkeypox without shutting down society.

They call me a hypocrite, but this gives me a breather. People should rejoice that these ideologues have lost most of their power.

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