Long COVID symptoms: How brutal can post-coronavirus

Warnings have been issued repeatedly about the long-term impact of COVID. The disease can cause serious problems, from heart attacks to neurological disorders.

Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist and health economist, has noticed how difficult their lives have become since becoming infected. The experts shared a video of a talk by a COVID survivor.

“The food I ate tasted like it came out of a landfill,” one survivor said in the video. Another said, “My hair is falling out.” The video was released by the news website Brut.

The epidemiologist issued a brief warning that this seemed to live with him. It says you have a higher risk of cardiovascular problems after infection. Even if you are in good health, it continues. So please don’t get infected.

However, it has been pointed out that vaccines reduce the risk of Long Covid by 75-85%.


COVID-19 can last 4 weeks or more after initial infection. The development of new or ongoing health problems. It is additionally known by different names, including post-intense Coronavirus, post-Coronavirus conditions, and constant Coronavirus.

COVID symptoms vary from person to person. It is exhausting; memory impairment muscle or joint pain; Shortness of breath Heart palpitations These include difficulty sleeping and mood changes. It can affect organ systems and cause tissue damage.

A study also says that prolonged COVID is a post-viral symptom. Post-viral conditions are irrefutably factual for different contaminations. for example, According to a study, another coronavirus is a serious respiratory disease. More than 27 percent of SARS survivors developed chronic fatigue syndrome 4 years after infection.

Some patients try to get support, such as disability assistance and clinical care. Complicating matters, long-standing COVID-19 cases are reported to be difficult to diagnose. Patients who experience multiple symptoms need to consult specialists. Because there are no specific symptoms, the state will not be able to adequately track and respond to the condition.

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