EU calls for rationing natural gas, says Russia ‘blackmailing us’

The EU has said it must triple the quota it has received since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Be prepared for the possibility that Russia will cut gas supplies in the winter.

At this point, member states need to reduce their gas consumption by 15 percent in the coming months. The European Union has urged its member states to seriously consider the matter.

“Russia is threatening us. Russia is using energy as a weapon of our weakness. Therefore, A partial cutoff of Russian gas or a total cutoff of Russian gas may occur.

Europe needs to be ready for any eventuality.” Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said this at a media briefing on Wednesday.

Initial power cuts will be voluntary by member states. Von Dalian sees the commission as a deliberate attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin to export gas.

In a Europe-wide emergency, the Commission has requested the power to impose mandatory reductions across the bloc.

“Our member states must be active. We must be fully prepared for the possibility of Russian gas exports being disrupted. And of course this is a possible scenario to face in the future.

We have experienced such incidents in the past. Von Dalian added to Kremlin-controlled Gazprom. He showed little interest in market forces and played the political game to get through the EU.

EU to ease sanctions on Russian banks for food trade

The European Commission has urged all member states to meet a proposed target of 15% savings on gas use by next March. EU countries will demand a tripling of the quota they have received since the February 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s war in Ukraine is already undermining year-on-year growth, along with record inflation. But the EU’s economic forecast showed last week that the economy could recover in the future.

Disruptions in Russian energy trade are at an alarming level. The event threatened to bring down the region’s economy as it recovers from a recession caused by the pandemic.

The EU has been imposing economic sanctions since Russia invaded Ukraine. It also approved a ban on imports of most of Russia’s coal and oil, beginning later this year.

Natural curves not includ in these restrictions. Because the energy production of the 27 member countries is dependent on natural electricity. Natural gas is used in power plants, It is also a key ingredient for energy production, which is important for power generation and home heating.

Von Dalian believes that Putin will cut gas anyway to clear the economic and political mess in Europe this winter.

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