SpaceX just broke its annual launch record — and it’s only July

This afternoon, SpaceX successfully launched its 32nd Falcon 9 mission in 2022. This broke the company’s official record for orbital launches in a year. It’s only July, so there’s still years left to beat this record.

SpaceX has consistently increased its launch model every year except for a drop in 2019. The company has 31 launches slated for 2021. It also the most it ever done. This has made SpaceX the most advanced US launch provider so far.

By the beginning of 2022, SpaceX expects to launch 52 missions throughout the year. This is an incredibly ambitious goal. It should strive to maintain safety while increasing speed. The NASA Safety Advisory Board disclosed this in January.

“NASA and SpaceX must be careful
not to be victims of their own success. Sandy Magnus, a former NASA astronaut and member of NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, warned during a January 2022 meeting.

SpaceX has been on schedule

But so far, SpaceX has been on schedule with the exception of the missions that have gone smoothly this year. Ironically, firstly anticipated to launch moment’s operations on Thursday.

A minute before launch, the countdown paused after the program was launched. It’s a rare miscarriage for SpaceX, which hasn’t cut short-term count in months due to technical issues.

However, the company managed to get off the ground today after a continuous New Year.

There is one main reason that allows for such a busy launch schedule. The point is that SpaceX is acting as its own customer for most of SpaceX’s launches this year.

The company is trying to launch the Starlink constellation from its massive internet-space. These launches are being used to house up to 53 satellites at a time.

Today’s flight from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California installed 46 more Starlink satellites. The company presently has about,600 Starlink satellites in route.

Without a Starlink launch, SpaceX has plenty of other missions to keep the company busy. Thanks to its cooperation with NASA, SpaceX periodically sends Dragon capsules carrying weight and people to the International Space Station.

The company also has its Transporter missions, where various small satellites are assembled and deployed in one mission. All of this makes for a busy demonstration on launches for SpaceX’s commercial customers and the Department of Defense.

Almost all of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets launched this year came from the company. As it continues to recycle its rockets, so previously flown vehicles.

SpaceX is exclusively flying the Block 5 version of its Falcon 9, ideal for recycling. Today, the rocket successfully landed on one of SpaceX’s drone ships. This marks the 125th landing of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX has now broken its record. The company is still moving forward with full vigor. Another mission scheduled for Sunday, July 24 from Florida to launch the next batch of Starlink satellites.

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