Juan Soto retweets, then deletes, Derek Jeter ‘loyalty’ quote

Currently, trade rumors continue to circulate regarding Juan Soto. The Nationals superstar once again made his feelings on the matter known in just a few moments.

On Twitter Friday morning, Soto shared a tweet from Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. Only to delete that post moments later. In Episode 2 of ESPN’s docueries “The Captain,” a quote from Jeter reads, “The only way to be loyal is to be stupid.”

The quote above is a reference to Jeter’s salary arbitration case with the Yankees in 1999. He led the Bronx Bombers to a World Series championship and became a team leader.

General manager Brian Cashman didn’t want to give Jeter the huge amount of money he wanted.

“I never thought they didn’t like me as a player. They don’t like me as much as asking for a raise,” Jeter said. “ I’ve been veritably devoted and pious to the platoon, so I anticipate the same results with my hard work. And the team is trying to take advantage of me and I’m done.”

Now, Juan Soto seems to be applying this attitude to his ongoing feuds with his men.

The 23-year-old rejected a 15-year, $440 million extension with Washington last week. The Nationals also revealed that they have entertained offers for their All-Star outfielder.

Juan Soto said he wasn’t satisfied

hours before he won the 2022 Home Run Derby in Los Angeles on Monday. The move apparently came as a huge surprise to Soto.

For the once two weeks, people on the board have been telling me that they will noway trade me,” Soto said. But now these things happened.

That incident made me really uncomfortable. I don’t know what to believe, but in the end they made a decision, and the matter is out of my hands.”

The love between Soto and the Nats lose. Washington rarely refused to charter their lone All-Star pick. It seemed lost between Soto and the Nats as he forced to fly commercial to the Summer Classic.

The loyalty of the relationship likely to lose. It remains to be seen if the Soto-Nationals split doesn’t happen before the August 2nd MLB trade deadline.

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