Paddy Pimblett makes emotional suicide prevention after UFC win

Liverpool’s Paddy Pimblett defeated Jordan Leavitt in the second round at UFC London. After winning the competition, he instantly won the crowd’s applause.

Paddy Pimblett made emotional pleas for men to express their feelings after his friend killed himself. He passed Jordan Leavitt before doing that.

A smart, light push to beat Leavitt before he got on the microphone was sunk in the back void. Five hours before going on stage, he revealed that he received a phone call on Friday morning telling him his friend had passed away.

There is a stigma in this world that men don’t talk about. If you’re a man, listen up. Listen to this if you have heavy responsibilities and obligations on your shoulders. Please talk to someone.

You can tell anyone what you’re feeling. An emotional pimblett told people about this. “Let’s get rid of this thing, please. As soon as the men start talking, let’s get to work,” he added.

The 27-year-old is on a three-fight winning streak since joining the UFC. He came out singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with the fans, synonymous with his favorite soccer team, Liverpool.

Leavitt gave Paddy Pimblett a lot of trouble

Leavitt gave Pimblett a lot of trouble in the first round. But in the second half the Liverpudlian started to attack. Pimblett gets on his back and knees the American for the finish.

It was the second explosion of a night that started on Merseyside as did Liverpool’s main heavyweights. Molly “Meatball” McCann pulled off the iconic spinning elbow to take down Hannah Goldy en route to a TKO victory.

His mood is buoyed by two wins. Briton Tom Aspinall injured his knee seconds into his heavyweight fight with Curtis Blaydes. So the evening ended on a low note.

Aspinall dropped his right knee back into the center of the Octagon before landing a powerful leg kick, awarding his opponent the win by TKO.

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