Coach Eric Ten Hag’s warned about Cristiano Ronaldo

In this season’s transfer market, the news of Cristiano Ronaldo attempt to leave Old Trafford . It is a news that fans are interested .

Manchester United boss Eric Ten Hag’s has warn that his reign could fail if he fails to prevent Ronaldo from trying to leave.

The United team was only able to stand in the 6th place last season . so they will have to play in the Europa League next season. Champions League record goalscorer Ronaldo is reportedly keen to leave Old Trafford after his first season without playing in the Champions League.

Ronaldo has been link with several teams to try to move to another place . Where he can play in the Champions League. The most likely of them is Atletico Madrid, who are in talks to swap Antoine Griezmann.

At the moment, Ronaldo has return to training with United. After holding talks with Ten Hag last Tuesday, he returns for Sunday’s friendly against Rayo Vallecano.

Therefore, everyone is hoping that Ronaldo’s transfer will not happen until the close of the market. However, there are those who believe that Ronaldo is being pushed to leave by personal ambitions.As a result, there continues to be a lot of speculation about the future of the 37-year-old Portuguese forward.

Ronaldo, who was the team’s top scorer last season with 24 goals, is obviously important to new coach Ten Hag. Also, with United’s budget not allowing them to sign a striker, Ten Hag will be hoping to keep Ronaldo in his team.

For the first time in his career, Ronaldo has been reminded to put the team’s success ahead of his individual success. talkSPORT presenter Tony Cascarino went on to claim that “Ronaldo needs to shed his selfish ways for United to succeed”.

“Ronaldo’s is not just to score more goals in the Champions League. So your whole goal in life is to break records? . “He has to be a leader on the football field and try do something on the football field. “If Ronaldo is only working towards his goals . He can achieve his goals, but the club is not successful,” he said.

The idea came about in the media after coach Ten Hag said he wanted to build the team with Ronaldo by his side.

Cristiano Ronaldo – the highest scorer of Champions League

Not being able to qualify for the Champions League is sure to be a huge distraction for Ronaldo. Why is Ronaldo the highest scorer of Champions League ?. Because he set the record with (140 goals) and most players (183) match and goal assist (42) .

Ronaldo is 37 years old but still able to maintain his top level play. So his focus is certainly on staying at United . But they has to make sure their Champions League absence is just one season.

If the leading Ten Hag complete their first season with Ronaldo . Ronaldo will return to the Champions League in 2023.

But there will be fans around the player who don’t like it. But the only way Cristiano Ronaldo can silence those doubts . Is to continue on the pitch by scoring goals and proving it.

United are also reportedly ready to make an offer for Benjamin Sesko amid talks with John Marto.

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