Milk & More try to increase bottle recycle 15% due to rising prices

Milk & More, the UK’s largest home delivery service, is preparing to overhaul its systems . Aiming to use 500,000 fewer bottles a year. After rising glass prices, they aim to make each glass 15% more usable.

The milk float operator says it is working with its supplier to make the bottles more durable. They also adjust their equipment to minimize contact . Between the bottles and the back of the filling line in order to reduce bottle damage.

Also, scanners are being install to identify the expiration date of the bottles. With these scanners, small cracks or abrasions can be found on the surface of the bottle. That way, instead of replacing the bottles en masse after a set period, you can monitor and replace each one.

Milk & More sells more than a million liters of dairy products

Milk & More sells more than a million liters of dairy products and milk alternatives per week. Chief executive Patrick Muller urge consumers to make sure they return the bottles so they can be reuse.

The cost of glass bottles has more than double in recent years. Manufacturers are limiting availability as global demand rises. In addition, glass bottle prices have fluctuated due to consumers’ desire to avoid plastic . And the return to normal trade after the easing of pandemic restrictions.

Britain’s glass industry says there is no shortage of bottles in Britain . But producers across Europe are struggling to keep up with demand. In the past, many soft drink manufacturers have scaled back production as lighter and cheaper plastics have been use.

Due to the increase in the price of glass, the price of milk also increased by 72%. Additionally, 40% renewable electricity was triple to power the group’s fleet, or 500 vehicles.

Currently, the number of customers is stable at about 350,000. Muller say the number of home delivery customers reach more than 400,000 as households try to avoid crowded shops at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

While some shoppers are returning to supermarkets, Müller said new customers are being attract by a desire to buy more sustainable products, including a desire to use less plastic.

Milk & More now offers laundry detergent in refillable glass bottles. Shampoo and other household products are now on sale. Therefore, cereal, Dry food such as sugar and noodles are sold through door-to-door services.

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