US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plane has land at Taiwan Airport in the last few minutes, according to news reports.

Earlier, according to information from the aviation news website Flightradar24, the plane carrying US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had enter Taiwan’s air defense zone.

Thirteen fighter jets took off from a US base in Japan to escort Nancy Pelosi

Meanwhile, Japanese media report that at least 13 fighter jets had left the US base in Japan. The news comes amid rising tensions between the US and China over Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Eight US fighter jets and five refueling planes have left a Japanese air force base and are head to Taiwan to escort Nancy Pelosi, reports claim.

China warn today that the United States will pay a price if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan during her Asian tour.

Taiwan is part of the Asia tour. It has yet to be officially confirme, but American and Taiwanese media have report that it will happen.

“For harming China’s sovereign security interests, the United States will be held responsible and pay the price,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chenying was quote as saying by the Associated Press.

A US Air Force jet carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Malaysia head for the northern Philippines earlier tonight. The flight path became the most tracked flight on the website Flightradar24.

In the meantime, according to Taiwanese media reports, the armed forces station in the western part of the island have been deploy to combat level (2) due to rising tensions regarding Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island nation.

China has objected to the US leader’s visit because it views Taiwan as its territory.

With the arrival of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi in Hong Kong . The tension between the United States and China reach its highest level, and we must continue to watch what will happen next. China’s PLA military has announce that some air and sea areas near Taiwan have been close for military exercises.

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